The following pictures are from our 14-day Orinoco River and Caribbean Cruise onboard Royal Olympic Cruises' Olympia Voyager. The Olympia Voyager formerly named Olympic Voyager is currently the fastest passenger cruise ship afloat. A sister ship the Olympia Explorer is set to enter service in the Spring of 2002. PAK-N-GO Cruises and Tours suggests to any "cruise-a-holic" that they experience difference with Royal Olympic Cruises.


The Olympia Voyager docked in Puerto Ordaz (Ciudad Guayana), Venezuela.


The Olympia Voyager's massive wake with speed in excess of 28 Knots can extend for two miles.


Admiral Kris gets a private up close look at the engine room of the fastest cruise ship in the world. (This is not a tour option offered to guests while onboard.)


A bridge tour of the Olympia Voyager is usually offered to all guests requesting a visit.


A view from the bridge wing of the Olympia Voyager.

Pat Metheny Group Midi - Dream of the Return by Franco Fabbrini