The following pictures are from our 14-day Orinoco River and Caribbean Cruise onboard Royal Olympic Cruises' Olympia Voyager. The Olympia Voyager formerly named Olympic Voyager is currently the fastest passenger cruise ship afloat. A sister ship the Olympia Explorer is set to enter service in the Spring of 2002. PAK-N-GO Cruises and Tours suggests to any "cruise-a-holic" that they experience difference with Royal Olympic Cruises.


Living in a real Water World -- One of the Indigenous groups of people from South America is called the "Warao People" (Mainly located in the Orinoco River Basin or Delta -- Venezuela). The "Warao People" live on the riverbanks in stilt-houses earn a living off the land, by bartering and fishing in the Orinoco River. -- Although they were entertainment to us, we were more entertainment to them as cruise ships infrequently visit the Orinoco River.


The red arrow points to a Warao home on stilts along the banks of the Orinoco River. (Stilts will provide some protection when the Orinoco River floods during the wet season.) These homes have no walls in order to allow for a maximum cooling breeze at night. Hammocks are suspended and used for sleeping.


What you see is not a shadow. This is the meeting of two rivers at Ciudad Guayana (Caroni River and Orinoco River). The two rivers do not mix right away due to temperature and density. The Orinoco River is chocolate brown due to constant erosion of the Andes mountains -- the river's origin. The Caroni River is a dark tea like color due to the tannic acids from the vegetation located along the banks of this shorter river. Fact: The Orinoco River is the third largest river in the world. The Largest being the Amazon River, followed by the Nile. Also some water from the Amazon river does flow into the Orinoco River.


While touring Ciudad Guayana a visit to the many parks is worth doing for anyone who enjoys waterfalls. Shown below is one of the waterfalls located at a park called La Llovizna


The below waterfalls are located at a park called Cachamy

Pat Metheny Group Midi - Dream of the Return by Franco Fabbrini