A few of Kris's Photos taken October thru November 2004 on RiverBarge Excursions Lines' R/B River Explorer

"As I sat out on our balcony the lights of the R/B River Explorer shown on the banks of the river... The mist was thick in the air and all was still except for the insects... I listened. -- I knew right away that there was no hurry in getting to where we were going..." - Kris

The Cumberland River at dusk.


The R/B River Explorer tied up at a local waterfront park in Florence, Alabama.


The Pickwick Lock located on the Tennessee River was just one of our four lockages during our RiverBarge Excursions vacation. The locks we traveled through on this trip were just as impressive and almost as large as the locks used on the Panama Canal. -- I was very impressed.


Similar to a domed rail car, no matter where you were on the barge there is ample seating with a view of the world passing by.


Our Stateroom "Montana." We went to bed at night with all the blinds open and watched the world pass before nodding off.

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