The following pictures are from our stop at the "Iles Du Salut." "Iles Du Salut" (Healthy Islands) located just off of the French Guyane main land consists of three islands that make up the Famous French penal colony widely known as Devil's Island. This penal colony was made famous in the movie Papillion staring Steve McQueen and Dustin Hoffman. The three islands that make up what is left of this penal colony are Ile Royal (Royale Island -- the main island where the main facilities, Officers and families were located), Ile St-Joseph (St. Joseph island -- where solitary confinement was located) and Ile Du Diable (Devils' Island -- the least harsh of the islands to be banished to. On Devil's Island prisoners occupied individual cottages and grew their own food with little outside interference).

This is a photo of Devil's Island taken from a high point on Royale Island.


Breathtaking beauty was everywhere as we walked the paths that wraped around Royale Island.


Kris locked up in a cell at Royale Island -- I swear I'll be good!


Maureen and Kris stand among the ruins on Royale Island. Devil's Island is between us. -- Yes we are in rain gear, however the sun came out 15 minutes later.