The following miscellaneous pictures were taken onboard the Olympic Voyager during our Amazon River cruise.

Pictured is Captain Loren McIntyre and Admiral Kris. McIntyre gave a wonderful series of onboard lectures -- of course these lectures were about the Amazon River and region. Loren McIntyre is credited for having found the upper most source of the Amazon River located high in the Peruvian Andes. Kris is holding a photo of Loren McIntyre sitting at the source (taken in the early 1970's). Loren's stories and photos have appeared in a variety of books, magazines (National Geographic being the most famous) and film documentaries for NOVA and National Geographic.

-- I really want to offer a special thanks to Captain Loren McIntyre and his wife Sue for making our cruise extra special. His lectures really helped to clear up the facts and myths of this region. - Kris Krenz, MCC


When we crossed and stopped at the equator King Neptune and Court held a special ceremony. -- All I can say is that I'm no longer a "pollywog."


Royal Olympic Cruises' Olympic Voyager is currently the fastest passenger cruise ship in the world. We were cruising at a speed of approximately 29 knots when this photo was taken. As you can see the turbulent wake from the ship's twin screws can sometimes throw water 15 to 20 feet in the air! Just sitting and watching the wake of the ship was a thrill by itself.


Bill Krenz (Kris's father) and Kris standing aft on the Olympic Voyager. This photo was taken while we were cruising up the Amazon River. Hence the chocolate brown complexion of the water.