Carnival Declares Victory

"One of the fun ships!"

Once again Maureen and I attended another inaugural event. This one was thrown by Carnival Cruise Line. Our August 29, 2000 sailing may have only been two nights, but we came away with more knowledge and experience to pass along to you.

The Carnival Victory is the third "Destiny" class ship built for Carnival and the 15th new vessel Carnival has launched in the past 18 years. The "Destiny" class ships are the largest built for Carnival. The Victory holds 2,758 passengers double occupancy and has a crew of 1,100. She is 894 feet long 116 feet wide (at the bridge 142 feet wide). Height of mast above the keel is 208 feet. This makes for one big ship!

The Victory décor in the public rooms is mute compared with the two sister ships that have more of the LasVegas feel. The theme of the Victory is the Seven Seas. Carnival once again called upon Joe Farcus to do the interior of this massive ship. Joe Farcus who designs most of the interiors for Carnival and a few other cruise lines, I feel, has become the Andy Worhal of the cruise ship industry. I had the pleasure to introduce myself to him one evening in the "Black and Red Seas" lounge (Jazz Club). Maureen said I was in my glory to finally have the opportunity to meet him. He was happy to chat and introduced me to his wife, son and another companion sailing onboard.



Bob Dickenson, CTC / President of Carnival Cruise Lines & Kris Krenz, MCC onboard the Carnival Victory.

Photo by M. Krenz

Also onboard our sailing was Micky Arison, Chairman of the Board for Carnival (It was his father the late Ted Arison who founded Carnival Cruise Line.), Bob Dickinson, President of Carnival Cruise Lines and other important members of the Carnival family. Our time onboard was not all fun and games, Maureen and I attended lectures and seminars to enhance our knowledge on the Carnival product.

When we walked up the gangway and entered the ship on the Lobby Deck we were dwarfed by the vast open space of the multi-level atrium. In fact we were told that if you took the Statue of Liberty off of her pedestal, she would fit in this area of the ship. Here you will find 4 glass elevators taking passengers to their destinations. The glass skylights at the top of the atrium, allows natural light to filter through and shine on a massive mosaic that spans 4 or so decks. This mosaic located on the wall opposite the elevators is one of the highlights of the atrium. A huge back lighted Tiffany Glass panel in sea greens covers the lower ceiling of the atrium. Brass bars bent in waves housing miniature white lights are found randomly in the atrium and throughout the whole ship.

The many mosaics onboard are made from tiny "sea toned" colored tiles. Sea life, King Neptune, mermen and mermaids are all depicted in mosaic, brass, glass and other materials. This décor is quite a break from the Las Vegas and neon styles of other Carnival ships.

Each lounge, showroom and restaurant is named appropriately after a sea, while the bars take their names from mythological sea characters. Onboard there are 13 nightclubs and lounges, 5 restaurants and many public facilities. I will not talk about all of the lounges but will but describe a few of the more interesting ones that caught our attention. One of the most notables is the "Black & Red Seas," the Victory's Jazz club. This club is appropriately named because of its color scheme. The lounge is decorated from top to bottom in black and red with gold highlights.


Maureen Krenz, MCC of PAK-N-GO Cruises and Tours topside onboard the Victory

- Photo by K. Krenz


The Club Arctic is the multi-level disco/night club. This club is decorated true to its name. The lights in the ceiling represent large jagged pieces of ice. The upholstery used in some of the seating areas, features penguins and footprints woven into the pattern. Some of the stools here are inverted cones covered in a coarse black fur, which I believe, is supposed to represent the lower end of a penguin. Fake icicles are used for lights at the bar and for many of the table stands. The walls in this lounge are made up of hundreds of TV's showing music videos by individual TV or switched over to form one large tandem picture. The dance floor is suspended between two decks. It is here that neon is found inside the thick clear tiles that make up the dance floor creating a colorful effect similar to that ever famous dance floor in "Saturday Night Fever." A short stairwell will take you down to this dance floor. You can continue on down from the dance floor to another lounge on the deck below the disco. This lounge is called the Ionian Room.

The Ionian Room is one of the more elegant lounges found onboard. The décor is classical Greece. This influence is found from the walls to the carpeting. Replicas of Greek vases are found in museum cases and make up lamps at the bar. The barstools and table pedestals are all replicas of Roman columns. One of the prettiest features of this lounge is the large colorful mural behind the bar of the Ioanian Sea complete with ancient Greek ruins.

The Black and Red Seas Lounge - The Jazz Club onboard the Victory a Joe Farcus design.

- Photo by K. Krenz


The feature shows onboard are held in the Caribbean Lounge. This massive show lounge spans three decks and is designed like a Broadway theater. In fact the scenery loft over the stage is four decks high allowing large sets to be changed quickly. The orchestra pit located in front of the stage is on a large lift that allows it to descend one deck down. This feature offers an unobstructed view of the stage. The décor of this lounge reflects the colors and sea life of the Caribbean. Sailfish, dolphins and brass reliefs of palm trees are what you will notice as you enter the lounge along with the massive stage. Then when you look up you will catch a glimpse of the massive white octopus-like chandelier. The other show lounge onboard is the Adriatic Lounge with a décor that is influenced from the height of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. In this 440-seat lounge a dance band can be found, and also Cabaret style shows are presented.

Two main restaurants are found onboard, the Pacific Dining Room and the Atlantic Dining Room. Both restaurants span two decks with the upper levels serving as a balcony wrapping around the parameter. The Victory features many alternative dining choices for those of you who want to dine more casually. Onboard is a casual, 24-hour dining option. The main restaurant featuring this option is the two-level Mediterranean Restaurant. This is the largest of the casual dining eateries. The décor here is made up of the many colors and architectural themes found throughout the Mediterranean. Many brilliant colors along with wrought iron lamps, colorful tiles and shutters make up this area. The décor of the Mediterranean Restaurant spills out to the aft pool area where a Pizzeria and the Mississippi BBQ are located. Other alternative dining features are the East River Deli and the Yangtze Wok (Great freshly made stir-fry is served here!) All foods are served in this area buffet style, but a helpful staff member is always willing to lend a helping hand.




The Indian Library

-Photo by K. Krenz



Carnival Cruise Lines offers a great program called "Camp Carnival" for children. The main activity center for them is "Children's World", where an interactive computer center, a games area and activity center are located. A stairwell here takes you up to a children's only pool area located on an outside deck. The Camp Carnival program is packed full of activities that will keep any child occupied throughout the day.

Located high above the bridge on the Victory is the large multi-level Nautica Spa Gym, Aerobics Room and Juice Bar.

The staterooms onboard are spacious and offer adequate room. More than 60% of the ocean view staterooms feature a private balcony. In-room amenities include a safe, hairdryer, a basket filled with toiletries, TV and plenty of closet and drawer space.

Many more wonderful lounges and features are found onboard the Victory.

Both Maureen and I were quite pleased with the direction Carnival has taken with their new ships. Carnival Cruise Line has been bashed throughout the years by many discerning cruisers. Vast improvements have been made with the food and onboard service. I will never sell a cruise based on food because everyone has different tastes, but the quality and presentation of the food has improved dramatically onboard all Carnival ships. K Krenz MCC

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Dining Rooms and Alternative Dining

Club Arctic and Ionian Room

The Lobby and Atrium Area

Lounges found onboard

Topside Pool and Others

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